Our Difference

Casual Dress

At CLCF we save souls not clothes.  We worship God in a casual setting.  There is no pressure to “dress up” and wear your “Sunday’s best.”  Come as you are, but it is our prayer that through the move of the Holy Spirit, you’ll leave changed.  We are casual in our dress, but serious about our walk with Christ.

A Boutique Ministry

At CLCF we don’t try to be everything to everyone.  God has called us to be a thankful, annointed, Bible based, family church.  That’s what we strive for as we operate in a spirit of excellence.  We understand that this may not appeal to some, but we’re confident in who God has called us to seel to evangelize.

Truly Family

At CLCF we believe a church family is more than just on Sunday morning.  We are a family church in which God is the head of household.  At CLCF everyday is friends and family day.  We believe in supporting each other and fellowshipping throughout the week outside of a church setting.  Our relationship with our God is important and so is our relationship with one another.

God Sovereignty to Choose Who To Use

At CLCF there is no gender discrimination in the call to ministry.  We believe that it’s the anointing of God that allows an individual to minister and not their gender.  As there were instances of prophetesses such as Miriam, Deborah and Huldah in the Hebrew Bible, we believe that God continues to use both man and woman to minister His Gospel which is indicated by Acts 2:17.

Not Bogged Down In Tradition

At CLCF our focus is on Christ and not the man-made ritual of church.  We seek to lift up the name of Jesus in order for God’s true glory to be revealed to all mankind.  CLCF is not tied to things because they have always been done a certain way, our focus is on ministry.  We believe that as Luke 10:2 says, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few”  Thus the best way to reap a bountiful havrest is to lift up the name of Jesus Christ.