The woman who anointed Jesus at Simon the Leper's house did so without the permission of the disciples & all who were there. In their minds it was wasteful, over the top & totally unneccessary. So if she had asked them they would have convinced her to sell the perfume which was worth a whole year's salary & give the proceeds to the poor. In fact they scolded her which in the Greek means they snorted at her like animals for doing what they couldn't & weren't willing to do. The enemy will always send negotiators into our lives to talk us out of doing a great faith thing. You've got to take the same policy that the government of the United States of America takes & not negotiate with terrorists. Don't let them talk you out of growing & going higher in your faith & in your God. Do like the woman who didn't tell'em what she was going to do, but told them what she'd done.